Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dansguardian Log Analyser

I recently started to learn Dojo and thought that writing an application would be a fun way of doing so.

When writing a new web application I wanted to create something useful, so I reflected back to when I installed Dansguardian on the My Book Live.

After installation I found out there wasn't any good log analyser available (at least not outside webmin). So when deciding to write an application, the choice was easy. The application turned out to be "Dansguardian Log Analyser" which is based on Dojo and PHP.

As with my other small projects I published the final product on github for everyone's use.

Read on for details and installation instructions...


There's three sections available:
  • Summary
    Shows a graph of today's usage.
  • Denied requests
    A list of today's denied requests. By clicking on a row it will open the denied page in the iframe below the grid.
  • Realtime log
    This simply tail the Dansguardian logfile to the browser. It displays all requests logged in the access.log from the time the tab is selected.



Download the package from here.
Copy dla/ directory to your web/proxy server running Dansguardian. (E.g. to /var/www/dla/)
Access it through: http://your.web.server/dla/


Make sure "logfileformat = 1" is set in dansguardian.conf
If "loglocation" is change from default, update getDansguardianLog.php with the correct path.

1 comment:

  1. I have configured DLA as per your configuration but when I try to access using http://x.x.x.x/dla

    the UI shows properly but "unknown error" shown in the "summary" and "Denied Requests" tab. Realtime log is shown properly.